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Culture by Design

Create a culture where your organization and people thrive


We help organizations and their leaders create vibrant organizational cultures that deliver strategy and goals.

We help them deliver on their brand promise and create a workplace where the best talent is attracted and retained.

Our goal for each engagement is to help leaders shape their behaviors and consequently the culture more deliberately to lift performance.


We do this by providing full service consulting around leadership and culture development


We bring fresh, innovative thinking and proven methods to help leaders and their groups create the culture needed for future success – culture by design, not default.


Fast facts about Culture Strategy Fit

  • We are organizational culture specialists with deep business and change management experience. We help organizations develop the beliefs, behaviors, and practices for high performance.

  • We focus on strategic performance gains by looking beyond a single dimension of culture, such as engagement, to specific culture dynamics that will make a distinctive difference to executing your mission and goals and living your brand promise.

  • We bring strategies to accelerate culture change. We help you ignite and diffuse behavior change through action strategies with leaders and pivotal groups.

  • We transfer knowledge about our leading-edge methods and tools so that culture development will be sustained. 

  • We work with organizations across industries, particularly market leaders focused on taking performance to the next level. 

Culture Services

  • Culture Strategy Surveys – You need robust surveys that focus quickly on revealing cultural strengths, risks and opportunities so you can identify priorities for aligning strategy, brand, leadership and culture. The CSF Culture Snapshot assesses the vibrancy and strength of the foundation culture and its ability to support  strategy. The Culture Strategy Leader Survey, a unique 360º survey provides feedback to managers on how their behaviors are shaping culture in their area of influence.

  • Culture change – You need a culture roadmap so that resources can be allocated smartly against leadership and culture goals. Our approach steps away from conventional practice that fails to shift culture quickly and moves beyond change management to include strategies that accelerate belief and behavior change through three steps: Conviction, Ignition and Diffusion.

  • Leaders and culture – You need support  to build cohesion, conviction and capability. Our suite of leadership tools, workshops and talent management services, including building a network of world class executive coaches to support top tier leaders, brings a common language and powerful set of shared strategies for creating culture by design.

What is your progress in culture by design?


Check out our Culture Strategy Progress Check. Make copies and explore with your colleagues where your organization's culture roadmap can be strengthened - or where to start!


“Your business culture is yours to develop. If you choose not to, your staff will do it in the vacuum you leave behind and I can guarantee it won’t be on your terms. If you create a great culture in your workplace it will be as good for your wellbeing as that of your employees.” Kieran Andrews, President, Wild Rock Outfitters

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