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Mergers & Acquisitions

Culture gain or drain?

Capturing the value of mergers and acquisitions is key to their success. Compounding the complexity of system and process changes is the fact that many of the units involved have strong identities, a range of leadership styles and potentially conflicting approaches to empowerment, engagement, discipline, risk management and other ways of interacting. Integration activity that limits its focus to operational issues is bound to meet with culture conflicts that create a lethal cocktail, numbing performance, draining productivity and leading to loss of top talent.

Culture Snapshot for M&As

The first step is to assess the potential for culture clash by identifying the similarities and differences in the cultures of the combining organizations. We accomplish this by using the Culture Snapshot for M&As, a research-based, on-line survey that compares areas of potential synergy or tension that reflect differences in organizational practices and leader behaviors. 

The Culture Snapshot for M&As report provides a comparison of the two cultures probing deeply into specific culture patterns (revealed by organizational practices and leader behaviors). The report describes areas of greatest synergy and difference, priority areas for attention and the implications for integration planning and talent management.

Improved integration and talent management practices

We also bring a range of other proven methods to help leaders and groups appreciate their cultural differences and describe the future-state culture that they aspire to create together in their every day work practices and behaviors. Together these approaches are key inputs for:

  • More effective integration planning

  • Targeted talent management strategy

  • Improved on-boarding

  • Rebuilding of leadership teams

  • Establishing a culture measurement system

  • Improved risk management


Sample report

Click on the file folder to view a sample Culture Snapshot for M&As report.


Culture Snapshot for M&As


Sample engagements

Acquisition Readiness

M&A Synergies and Tensions 

“A strategy must be undertaken to bridge the cultures. But even before that, one must truly understand the cultures." Cheri Alexander, VP Personnel, GM

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